Shattered Earth is an exhibition held by Earthy Creations that reflects on the current state of the world in the midst of an environmental crisis. The exhibition celebrates artwork by Duke students who prioritize sustainability in their artistic practice.

Zoe Kim

Fracture wasn’t meant to be a self-portrait, but the artist unintentionally projected herself into this work. Even when shattered, we are sustained by the earth—life continues around us, inspiring us, and embracing us. Even though we treat our Earth so cruelly, as the earth breaks and seas split, it continues to give to us.

Nature vs Nurture
Kira Upin

Kira Upin’s Nature vs Nurture analyzes what consumers value in society, as well as the role of plastic in the environment and the world. Though the artist’s use of plastic material and red string, she asks the viewer to consider their role in the web of life.

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