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About Earthy 

Earthy Creations is a student-run startup founded at Duke😈


Our online platform and art shows incentive students to make and sell upcycled art! The point is to make sustainability fun and give a creative hobby more purpose, so students continue to practice both creativity and sustainability throughout college.

Note from the Founder



Hi, my name is Bella! To you, I might describe myself as a Duke student passionate about Tech Entrepreneurship and Marketing, but really I'm just a creative at heart❤️ I'm also a caring person who is worried about what might happen to my home in Miami and the rest of the world because of human habits and stubborn minds, particularly my own.


I started this organization because I wanted to find a way for me and others to enjoy taking part in the environmental movement and to give a strong purpose to a creative hobby that was falling to the wayside the more career-focused I became.


I'm happy to report I've been successful! Since starting this organization, I no longer see my used items as trash but as an opportunity. To be honest, my mentality has changed so much that I’ve become a bit of a hoarder…it has become hard for me to let go of materials that could possibly be the building blocks of my next project! 


My hope is that other artists and art lovers alike will adopt this mentality as well. Hopefully the next Earthy lover will be you!

Bella Almeida
Founder of Earthy


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